Odd radio voice

Morning rounds, some bad news

Was wandering through my list of "check these daily" blogs, as well as a few new links, and found word of some bad news for a person whose blog I hadn't seen before.

Amazing the emotion we can feel for a person we've never met. I spotted a link to Charlotte's blog in the "recently updated weblogs" module provided by TypePad, immediatley saw the post about her brother's death in a car crash.

I also see how many people in my exact situation react immediately with support. Fourteen comments to that post as I type this, all expressing thoughts of peace and prayer for a person I'm sure the commenters have never met, possibly never known beyond a few blog posts over a period of time.

I had glanced at the newspaper just before this. Saw news about suicide bombings in Iraq, escaped criminals in Pennsylvania, the other blood and bad news that sells papers. And then I saw Charlotte's blog.

In the space of several heartbeats I saw the worst and the very best of human nature.